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Technical Drafting of  Certified Plans

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Service Overview

Planworks can draw your clients selected Certified Plan design and carry out client requested design changes. Planworks will also ensure the final design is correctly applied to your clients site and fully compliant with the building code & local council requirements.

We have developed a comprehensive plan template, based on our architectural BIM enabled software, to ensure a smooth building process from the initial client consultations through consent application and construction. Prices starting at $4,000+gst for a complete set of consent application documents.

Planworks provides a 3 stage process to supply the plans you need at the times you need them.

Stage 1 - Developed Concept
Once the initial concept has been discussed with the client Planworks will generate a developed concept plan set with the clients changes applied. 
This set includes:-
Site plan, Floor Plan, Elevations, Joinery Schedule, Realistic Images & on-line 3D model.

Stage 2 - Pricing Set
When your clients are happy with their design Planworks will generate a pricing plan set to enable you to accurately quantify and price the build. At this stage you will re required to complete an on-line project info sheet. This allows you to indicate all your preferred products and systems which Planworks will incorporate into the plan set.
This set includes:-
All stage 1 plans & 3d models, all structural plans designed to your specific site, building sections and an on-line 3D structural model.

If any specific engineering is required for the build Planworks can provide a specific engineering design scope which can be used to source a quote from a consulting engineer. If required Planworks can access the
Specifi on-line engineering service to provide a compeditive quote

Stage 3 - Consent Application & Construction
Once the build is costed and approved by your client Planworks will complete the plan set and collate the associated documents to enable a consent application to be lodged .
This set includes:-
All stage 1 plans & 3d models, all stage 2 plans including an on-line 3D structural model, all cladding & structural details, drainage plan, construction specification and  all specific designs, reports & PS1's

When on-line consent applications are offered by the relevant council Planworks can submit the required documents on you behalf and will reply to all RFI's as requested.
Planworks will be available throughout the build process to help with any queries/questions and can undertake minor variations/major amendments if required. These are variations are charged for on an hourly basis.
All the documents submitted for consent will be made available on a project specific webpage which enables anyone with the web link to view or download the latest version of the project plans or associated documents.

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